How To Do: The AIDS Walk!

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Call Time/Location

CALL LOCATION: 72nd St and Central Park West. Look for the white “Band-in-a-Box.”

CALL TIME: At 9:30 AM SHARP, we will unload the band truck and get our purple Symphonic Band t-shirts (if you don’t already have one). At 10:00 AM SHARP we will walk en masse into the park to our performance location near Frisbee Hill, just before the finish line. If you’ve performed with us in past years, this is our usual grassy patch.

You can keep your instrument cases and bags with you or you can store them in the truck. HOWEVER, the truck will be inaccessible until the very end of the gig.


Please wear blue jeans (not black, not khakis, not shorts!), shoes of your choice, and purple Symphonic Band t-shirt. If you don’t already have a t-shirt, we will have several available at call.

What to Bring

Remember to bring a music stand and clothespins in case the wind decides to join us (extra clothespins will be available). Chairs, water, and snacks will be provided, and make sure you have a delicious breakfast and coffee before you arrive!

We have been approved to use our large canopies, so we’ll perform rain or shine!

When Do We Play?

We’ll start playing around 11:00 AM when the first walkers arrive at the finish line. We’ll continue to play for the walkers until around 1:00 PM.


Music will NOT be available at the gig, so make sure you print it out in advance! The music Dropbox can be found here.

We’ll be playing the following pieces:
* 9 to 5
* I Want To Hold Your Hand (marching folder)
* Ghostbusters
* Mama Mia (marching folder)
* John Williams In Concert (the whole medley) (other symphonic folder)
* Timber (marching folder)
* Baby Elephant Walk (other symphonic folder)
* Entry Of The Gladiators
* Kingdom Hearts
* Let’s Get Loud