How To Do

HOW TO DO: Veterans Day Parade!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Call Time/Location

Be aware that the parade will have already started before our call time. Don’t be late, just in case we end up stepping off quicker than usual.
CALL LOCATION: W 29th Street, between Fifth Avenue and Broadway. Our access point to the staging area will be 29th Street at Broadway. In order to get the truck out of the staging area, we will unload on Broadway at 29th Street and walk the equipment in.

You must enter the staging area on Broadway. You will have to go below 24th Street to cross over Fifth Avenue from the east.


Warm Winter Blacks:
* Black shirt or jacket or sweatshirt or hoodie or sweater (layer up underneath – it’s going to be chilly!)
* Black pants
* Black shoes or sneakers
* Your white band hat (we’ll have spares for new members)
* Purple scarves and purple plume on your hat (both band-supplied)

Please no LGBA jackets this time – this is a formal parade and we want to all be uniform! We will have hand warmers available at step-off.


Our full 2017 marching set plus Anchors Aweigh. Music will be available at step-off.

You can access the marching music dropbox by clicking here.

Case Storage

Please be prompt if you want to store cases/bags in the band truck or have instruments/equipment on the truck. It will leave step-off at 12:00 PM SHARP and go to the parade end to await us!

We will NOT have a follow car in this parade! The truck will be unloaded at our call location, then will head uptown to the end of the parade route to await us. We will have carts/coolers with water as we need it, but if you can tuck a bottle of water in your pocket, do so.

At the end of the parade, make sure you do NOT put your personal or symphonic instruments in the truck for transport! After this gig, the truck will be unloaded at our storage space and returned to CC Rentals.

Parade Route

The parade goes up Fifth Avenue from 26th to 52nd Streets.

Important Road Closure Info

There will be no cross-town traffic between 23rd Street and 54th Street. This means you MUST enter the staging area from Broadway. If you must cross town after 10:00 AM, do so south of 24th Street or north of 58th Street.

Weather Report

Cold with sunshine mixing with some clouds, with a high of 38° and low of 30°. Bundle up and stay warm!