How To Do

The Bad Guy Virtual Performance Video!

Due Date: Monday, June 22

For this virtual performance we will be playing BAD GUY. You will be playing along to the Bad Guy recording that says CLICK TRACK in the filename. There are also slower recordings, without click tracks, that you can use for your personal rehearsals at home. Start with playing along to the slower recordings and work your way up to the full speed recordings with the click tracks.

The music to download and print can be found here: Sheet Music

The recordings of the music to download and rehearse along to can be found here: Click Tracks

Please reach out to Marita at ASAP. We want to make sure everyone who wants to participate in this performance can.

For the performance:
1. Take a shower and fix your hair!
2. Wear a brightly-colored shirt without any logos or slogans. LGBAC band logos are okay! Please don’t wear a white band shirt either – colors will look better in the video. Speak to your captain if there is going to be a section-specific shirt.
3. If your pants will be visible in the recording, please wear black or dark pants.
4. Wear your marching band hat if you want. Or not. Your choice.

We know that most of you probably don’t have a lot of control over the the acoustics of the room you choose to record in. Try to get a sound that does not have lots of room reflections in it. Smaller rooms or rooms with carpet work better for this. Also try to find a spot that won’t get a lot of extra noise from the street outside, and where you won’t be interrupted by pets or children or stir-crazy roommates.

You are going to need two devices: One to play the sound file (with the click track) that you will be playing along with and one to actually record the video. For example, you can use your laptop to play the sound files and your smart phone to record the video. Or do it the other way around. You will also need to use earphones or earbuds with the device that’s playing the sound file. Your recorded video should ONLY have YOU playing on the soundtrack. We do NOT want to also hear the sound file playing in the background. So that’s why you’ll need to use earphones/earbuds.

If you don’t have two devices available and you need some help in figuring out an alternative solution for the performance recording, please contact Marita at

Everyone has different devices. But if you haven’t played around with your video settings, what we need from you will probably already be the default on your devices:

  • 30 fps (Confirm under your video settings. But 30 fps is the usual default on Android, Apple, and PC devices.)
  • This time, turn those smart phones around: we want your video to be vertical. So the short ends will be on the top and bottom, the long ends on the sides.  But if you’re using a computer to record and your video recording software doesn’t allow you to do a vertical recording, don’t worry, just record it horizontally, we can fix it for you afterwards.
  • Your output file can be in MP4, MOV, or M4V format.

Try to have a light source in front of you, not behind, otherwise you will come out too dark (i.e. don’t film yourself with a window behind you with lots of sun pouring in). A ball of holiday lights makes a great light source in a pinch.

Musicians: Try to make sure the camera is far enough away that we see your instrument, so at least from your waist and above.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking directly at the camera or semi-profile. Also try to position the camera so we’re not looking up your nose!
Guard and Drum Majors: Full body if possible so we can see your feet but not so far away that we can’t see who you are.  Try to get in as close as possible so that your full body and your flag/mace fills the frame. 
Everyone: If you have to have a friend hold the camera they need to be very still – no zooming and no moving around.

That’s just fine, we’ll be happy to use all your recordings on the audio track, but your face will only appear once in the virtual performance. Otherwise, everyone would have been so small that we won’t be able to see! So we will only use the visuals of you playing on your primary instrument, unless you tell us to use another video instead.

You can download a free tuning app to your smartphone if you don’t already have one. Please tune your instrument to A440.

Here is a YouTube A440 tuning note you can use: A440 tuning note video
Brass instruments may want to tune their open B flat: Brass open b-flat

1. Put on your headphones / earbuds. (Required!)

2. Press “record” on your recording device.

3. Find the sound file with the CLICK TRACK on your playback device and press “play”.

4. You will hear 4 clicks.

5. A voice will count off, in tempo, “1,2,3,4”

6. You will then hear another 4 clicks. On top of those clicks, you need to count off “1,2,3,4” out loud. Your counting should be distinct, loud, and staccato. Make sure that you’re counting right on the beat. (This bit is very important, the editors will use your count-off to sync up your audio with everyone else.) Everyone must say “1,2,3,4” at the start of the video – guard and musicians – or you will be asked to re-record it!

7. You will hear a percussion roll-off (Percussion IS playing the roll-off.) Come to attention and get ready to play.

8. The music begins, and you play along. Pay attention to the click track to keep in time.

9. Remember to use dynamics and pay attention to the accents. Make it musical!

10. The song ends on beat one of the last measure. You play that note; you hear the helping voice say “2,3,4, DOWN!” and on the “DOWN” you snap-bow your head, bring your instrument/flag down to resting position, and bring your hand up to your hat/no-hat. After the helping voice says “DOWN” it continues “2,3,4, UP!”–and “UP” is when you snap your head back up and smile! At the end of the piece, do NOT say “2,3,4, DOWN” or “UP” – just do the moves.

11. Wait 10 seconds before turning off your recording device.

You’ll upload your recording to this link: Performance Upload

Your final filename should be INSTRUMENT/ POSITION First Name, Last Name (ex. “CLARINET Doe, John” or “GUARD Doe, Jane”)

Absolutely! We’re not going to be doing any actual marching. Everyone in the LGBAC is welcome to take part in this virtual performance.

You can ask your question on our editable Q&A doc here: Virtual Performance Q&A Doc

For any questions you’re not comfortable asking there, or apply only to you, contact Marita at