It’s the St. Pat’s For All Parade How-To-Do! (HTD)

Date: Sunday, March 1, 2020

Call Time: 12:30 SHARP!

Parade Step-off:  1:00 PM

Call Location:  Sunnyside, Queens; 43rd Street between Skillman Avenue and Barnett Avenue (see the bottom of the page for a map with all three of these streets circled)

Nearest Subway: Take the the #7 train to 40th Street and Lowery Street. Don’t forget to check the trains! Here’s a link to the MTA’s Weekender with weekend closures and changes!

Parking: Street parking is available near step off or the end of the route (58th Street and Woodside Ave); bear in mind that the streets around the parade route will be closed to traffic between 43rd Ave and 39th Avenue from 43rd Street to 58th Street.

Parade Route: The parade processes across Skillman Ave from 43rd Street to 58th Street and Woodside Ave. It is just under a mile long.

Uniform: Warm Winter Blacks:
* Black jacket or coat or hoodie or whatever (The forecast is for seasonal winter weather – which is cold. Layer up!)
* Black pants
* Footwear of your choice
* Your white band hat (we’ll have spares for new members)
* Purple scarves and a purple plume and an Irish flag (all band-supplied)

Music:  Music available at stepoff for new folks – everyone else, please bring your music—supplies are limited. Here is a link to print your own music!

High Hopes
Dancing Queen
Don’t Stop Me Now
Feel It Still

See you Sunday! Éirinn go Brách

Meet the Irish-for-an-afternoon 65: 49 musicians, 9 guard/DMs, 7 crew!

Banner (2)

Jessica Brewer

Josh Myers

Guard (5)

Miguel Castaneda Ramos

Emily Czudak

Deanna Kelley captain

Sara Kelley

Dana Robbins

Drum Major (4)

Marita Begley

Tara Fayazi

Brian Luke

Michael Tolliver head drum major

Flute/Piccolo (3)

Lily Berticevich

Christin Henning

Lori Kolb captain

Clarinet (9)

Rebecca Brewer

Jeff Durso

Cynthia Hudak

Julian Lander

Christine Lee captain

Steven Lewis

Louisa McMurray

Alyssa Ramirez

Robert Rosenlund

Alto Saxophone (5)

Dale Aucoin

Violet Fortier captain

Daniel Golliher

Steve McLure

Alyssa Ramirez

Trumpet (5)

Ana Del Campo

Lisa Dresner

Kimberly Engel captain

Jason Gilbert

Nicole Lusskin

Mellophone (4)

Claire Dennis

Ben Hurbrough

Chris Jones

Liz Pinzon captain

Trombone (6)

Fanny Chin

Johnny Croft

Evie Dumont

Sylvia Espinoza

Kelly Martin

Eli Ramirez captain

Low Brass (3)

Eric Rouda baritone

dyAnne Irby sousaphone captain

Dan Perry sousaphone

Percussion (13)

Leslie Becker snare captain

Brian Reynolds snare

Alvaro Rodas snare

Jaime Rossow snare

Hannah Webster snare

Michael Abbamonte bass

Lindsay Becker bass

Matt Polidoro bass

Erin Clayton cymbals

Steven Grossman cymbals

Bill Jiang aux

Todd Wladika xylophone

Jerry Remig bells

Band-aide (5)

Ciara Bush captain

Nicky Castellucci

Nancy Foran-Pinzon, follow car driver

Max Kilsheimer

Breanna Wood guard cart