How To Do

New Hope Pride and the Princeton P-Rade

Date: Saturday, May 21, 2022

Call Time:
  • NYC Bus Call Time at 225 West 12th Street and 7th Avenue: 7:30 am
  • New Jersey Bus Call time at the Sears Parking Lot: 8:15 am

Please note that timeliness is extremely important on this double-header performance day. The bus cannot/will not wait for you.

NYC Bus: 225 West 12th Street and 7th Avenue 

New Jersey Bus: Sears Parking Lot (meet in FRONT of Sears), 51 US Rt. 1, New Brunswick, NJ 

Driving Yourself? While we request that you take the bus, we understand that some people may be coming from PA or have other reasons why taking the bus is not feasible. Please carefully review instructions below for parking and other important information:

New Hope
Note: The parade begins in Lambertville, NJ and then crosses the bridge over the Delaware River to New Hope, PA

  • Parking (different from previous years): The American Legion parking lot in New Hope where we usually park and reload after the parade is where the festival is being held this year. We are suggesting that people park at the New Hope Solebury School at 182 W Bridge St, New Hope, PA 18938 and then walk back to step off (about 23 minutes).
  • Call Time in Lambertville: 9:30 am (plan to park in New Hope at least 30 minutes prior, see above)
  • Call Location: From New Hope, walk to York Street between North Main Street and North Union Street in Lambertville, NJ (use 50 York St, Lambertville, NJ 08530)

Note: Do NOT try to park in Princeton. Please read carefully and plan accordingly.

  • Call time: 2:00 pm (that’s when the bus is arriving but we recommend you plan to arrive sooner since there is a short turn-around for step-off)
  • Call Location: Nassau Hall, 100 Nassau Street, Princeton, NJ
  • Step-off: roughly 2:30 pm
  • Parking:
    • Park at the New Brunswick train station and take the train the rest of the way. Take NJ Transit from New Brunswick to Princeton Junction.
    • Change there to the shuttle train to the Princeton stop.
    • Do not try to park at Princeton Junction or Princeton train stations, the lots there will be filled by 6:00 am.   
  • Get on a bus
  • New Hope Parade is first – call time in Lambertville is 9:30 am with an 11:00 am step off 
  • The lunch that you ordered will be provided in between  
  • Princeton P-Rade is second – call time is based on timing from New Hope but roughly 2:00 pm with 2:30 pm step-off
  • There are restrooms on the buses. Restrooms at both gigs are hard to come by, we suggest using the bus restroom before de-bussing.  
  • Arrive back in NYC around 5:30 pm; arrive back in NJ 4:30-5:00 pm
  • White Dickies band pants 
  • White 2022 marching band t-shirt, tucked into your pants 
  • White Dinkles  
  • White socks and white or flesh colored underwear (trust us on this, we’ll know if you don’t!) 
  • White marching band hat (supplied at step-off if you don’t already have one) 
  • Overlay (always supplied at step-off) 
  • Purple Plume (always supplied at step-off) 
  • Your full 2022 uniform 
  • White Dinkles
  • The complete 2022 marching set and bonus tracks

Put your music into a flip folder  and put logo placards in front of each piece in the marching set (but not the bonus tracks) 

Clear with a high of 92°. Be sure to keep yourself hydrated!